CAP: Carnival of Atheist Parenting

CAP:  Carnival of Atheist Parenting

Monday, October 14, 2013

CAP: Blog Carnival of Atheist Parenting, Edition One

Please visit the first CAP:  Blog Carnival of Atheist Parenting, First Edition HERE.

As a first-generation atheist parent, I have spent many years wondering how to find my way through the morass of religion when moving through our family's life.  How to handle holidays.   How to addressreligiosity.  How to impart integrity and ethics.  How to create family traditions and customs.  How to avoid the knee jerk instinct to claim deity involvement in day-to-day activity.  How to pass rational thought on to my children.  How to inform them of the religious movements in the culture around us.  How to interact with believers honestly and respectfully.  Who can I look to for guidance and wisdom in my parenting endeavors.

I found myself frequently asking questions for which I seemed to be the lone voice.  Like-minded people were few and far between.
The internet is such an excellent tool as long as we use it well.

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Darlene at her website A Life Out Loud is a feminist, smartass, progressive secular liberal, humanist, volunteer, Mensan, stepmom and homeschooler, animal lover, bookworm, interested in almost everything.  If you can dig Emile Zola's quote If you ask me what I came into this world to do, I will tell you; I came to live out loud you will enjoy Darlene's blog.  Her post on a family social justice event called Justice answers the question What did you do on your summer vacation?  

Warren at Running Gamak:  Warren Senders Blog wanted to support this carnival by offering this blog post entitled Growing Up Atheist.  His eco-friendly blog is right up your alley if you are wanting to be informed about climate change.  Warren Senders is a musician, teacher, and environmental activist who lives outside of Boston.  He describes growing up atheist, remembering his atheist scientist parents, reflecting on a life spent without gods, and talking about how he and his wife are raising their daughter as a freethinking individual.

Grundy over at the popular Deity-Schmeity blog includes this blog post entitled Not Alone #7.  This post is also available in it's entirety at The Not Alone Project, a blog sites that gives atheists a safe place to come out of their atheist closet.  Grundy started his  Deity-Schmeity blog as a place to share his thoughts on atheism.  On his blog, Grundy supports a new blog undertaking called The Not Alone Project.  According to Grundy's blog post, (The Not Alone Project) a platform for atheists to post their stories in an effort to show those who think we live in a God-fearing world that many have nothing to fear.  I, for one, appreciate his efforts to support the atheists out here in the ether.  Thank you, Grundy, for participating in the carnival this week.

Wendy at the eponymous blog Wendy Thomas Russell is one of my favorite atheist parenting bloggers out there.  Wendy's most recent blog post entitled Embracing Religion 'For the Sake of the Kids' is a post that many of us can relate to.  I have had so many instances such as this that I almost think of them as normal.  I want to recommend about ten other blog posts on this site for you, but let's just go with this one:  Survey:  Nearly Half of All Parents Uncomfortable Talking to Kids about Religion.  Please, let's cut that percentage in half!!!!!

Jen over at Knitting Interrupted was enthusiastic about this blog carnival and submitted two blog posts from her blog that celebrates Life, the Universe, and Knitting!  First is Humbug!  A post that nearly every one of us could write.  She rants on about the claim that atheists are sabotaging Christmas.  Come one.  We LOVE days of equal dark and light.  Many of us celebrate it with a tree in the house!  Next Jen offers a blog post entitled 9 Ways to have a Happy, Secular Christmas.  Here she reminds us all to go forth and enjoy the end of the year!
Jen, thank you for participating this week!
And CONGRATULATIONS on that gorgeous new baby girl of yours!
WELCOME Baby Talia.  I'm sure you are keeping your momma busy!

Karen at Homeschool Atheist Momma blog (me) submits a post called How an Atheist Discusses Religion with their Children.  This post has gotten many, many viewings already.  It is simply one parent talking about a subject that many atheist, secular parents spend a great deal of time thinking about.  I think you will like it!  Alsocheck out one of my favorite posts of all Ninja Freak.

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