CAP: Carnival of Atheist Parenting

CAP:  Carnival of Atheist Parenting

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Blog Carnival of Atheist Parenting, Sixth Edition

Why a blog carnival for atheist parenting?

As a woman blogging on atheist parenting, I often get asked why I would feel the need to blog on atheist parenting, isn't it just...parenting?  There are many parents out there who are new to living a secular life, new to raising children without the traditional ways, sometimes hidden and living in seclusion due to their secular choices, afraid to be open and yet determined to raise their children as skeptics and as happy people. These atheist parents are looking for those few voices out there who can offer them understanding, community, advice, or just a general feeling of being normal. Many first-generation parents are seeking in earnest and I am proud to be available and open and willing to offer my support. Not my advice or my expertise or my definition or my label!  My support, my friendship, my small community. 

This blog carnival contains blog posts by parents who are raising their children in a secular home, without religion, dogma-free.

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Welcome Chris from Born Again Atheist blog to this carnival with his post entitled How Atheist Are You?  Chris is a single father of two.  His blog is all about doing his part to make skepticism and Rational thought prevail. He hates bullshit and lies.  This blog post is just one of many where Chris works his way through the journey toward atheism.  He works hard to make sure that he does his part as a father for his daughters, who live in custody of their religious mother, as he seeks to encourage critical thinking and wonder in their lives.  Welcome to this carnival, Chris.

Amanda on Raising Skeptics blog submits a timely blog post about Santa Claus called Why Do We Need Santa?  Amanda is the mother of a lovely five year old who is already showing signs of wisdom and skepticism!  Amanda, I hope that we hear from you and your family again in the future as you live your life in a beautiful secular family! 

My own blog post offering this week from my blog at Atheist Homeschool Momma is called My Calling. Nobody every said that parenting was going to be easy, and it isn't. But it is the most important thing in my life.
On my blog I have slowly been working on a series of posts that address the ridiculous claims aimed at atheists in general.  In my blog post Science is Your God I address one of the weirdest and most ironic of these claims.

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