CAP: Carnival of Atheist Parenting

CAP:  Carnival of Atheist Parenting

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Carnival of Secular/Atheist Parenting, Ninth Edition

This blog carnival is for secular parents!
If you are out there feeling slightly alone in the secular world looking for some like-minded parents with whom you can discuss basic parent-y things, this blog carnival is for you. The blogs included in this carnival and the blogs listed on the right side of this blog are parents who are raising their children to be freethinkers and parents who are out in their secularism.

Check them out and add yourself to the RSS feed on the right column of this blog to be among the first to get the carnival.

If you are a secular parent who blogs, please submit your parenting blog post for an upcoming carnival.  HOW TO SUBMIT A POST FOR THE CARNIVAL directions are at the end of this carnival post.

I am enjoying Vanessa's fun and clever blog entitled Life Sans God. Vanessa is an out atheist to many of her family and friends. The post submitted to this carnival called Dear Sister Christian is an open letter to her Christian loved-ones. I hope you also read her post entitled Incredible Years (Part 2). Vanessa transformed from devoted Christian to self-proclaimed atheist, from religious to godless. Her blog shares her thoughts on atheism, parenting, fitness, and more.
The Carnival of Atheist Parenting wishes to welcome Jen back again for another go with us! Jen's incredibly excellent blog Happiness Through Humanism is a wonderful resources for all parents wishing to learn more about What to Teach a Child. This blog post offers three important skills for parents to learn in order to provide an ethical upbringing for their children. This Floridian mom is interested in informing readers about humanism and how it can bring simplicity to the life of a family. Jen also offers the following blog posts:

My own contribution to the carnival this week is a blog post from my blog My Own Mind called Challenging Teen, Redux. If you have a challenging teen, I think you will appreciate some of the suggestions that I offer in this post. I honestly think that your teen will appreciate it too. I also wrote a blog post entitled Parents: A Challenge for You. If you are up for it, give it a try! I have created these small challenges for myself at times and have had great weeks as a result! The memes are being pinned like crazy on Pinterest!

The next carnival is due out: April 30, 2014
Please send in your blog post submissions by April 29, 2014

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