CAP: Carnival of Atheist Parenting

CAP:  Carnival of Atheist Parenting

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Carnival of Atheist Parenting, Ninth Edition

Welcome to this, the ninth edition of the Carnival of Atheist Parenting. I started this carnival in the hopes that bloggers with atheist parenting content would share their writing for other secular parents to read. 

The internet is beginning to be a place where other skeptical people can be open about their atheism, humanism, or other nonbelief and this blog carnival is here to celebrate that and to participate in the openness that is happening all around us.

Whether you are open and out, exploring, or just visiting, I hope you will take some time to visit the blogs in the carnival. When a blogger submits a piece to this or any carnival, they are hoping that their writing will move or entertain you somehow. 

I hope you leave comments on blog posts 
that do effect you in some way.

This blog carnival is quite new and still looking for bloggers who have posts about parenting outside of the cultural religious majority. If you are one of these bloggers or if you know someone else who blogs this way, please submit your piece to this carnival or encourage your friend to do so.

If you enjoy this carnival, consider adding your name to the RSS feed so that you can be among the first to read each new carnival.

Happy Hikers
Sophelia has been busy on her blog Sophelia's Adventures in Japan talking about issues near and dear to her heart, namely adoption, adventure, academia, and other things beginning with the letter A. Her newest blog post Science! Look Mummy, SCIENCE! is Sophelia fangirling her dear, darling child who is figuring out how the world works through his discovery of physics principles in cartoons!  This eight year old with a previously sheltered upbringing is now considering the relationship between magic and science in which, it turns out, magic IS science!
I think you will enjoy Sophelia's blog that is "sharper than a page of Oscar Wilde witticisms rolled into a point, dipped in lemon juice, and stabbed into somebody's eye." ~ Ace Rimmer, Red Dwarf*

Sophelia, THANK YOU for your submission to this carnival this week. at Happiness Through Humanist blog webring sends us a post entitled How to Raise Moral Children. And that's what it's all about! But, if you have a boy child, or a girl child, I know that you will be interested in reading Jen's blog post Real Life and Minecraft, because if you have kids, you NEED to read this one!
Jennifer's mission is to help transform people's lives through Humanism by teaching them to be the most ethical people they can be...and I'll bet that most of us could afford a couple of hours of reading through posts with that goal in mind!

Vanessa at Life Sans God blog is a woman who transformed from a devoted Christian to a self-proclaimed atheist, from religious to godless. Her blog shares her thoughts on atheist, parenting, fitness, and more. Vanessa submits a post called Incredible Years (Part 2) for the carnival where she gives an update on her Incredible Years Parenting Class. The focus of the post is on praise, incentives, limit setting, ignoring, and play.
Vanessa has moved her blog to Dreaming in Earth Tones as she looks forward to switching the focus of her blogging to her lifelong values of gratitude, good health, and simplicity. Her new blog is really beautiful to look at and it seeks to bring centering and good health to whomever spends some time there...check it out!

Karen at My Own Blog offers several posts this time. Parenting Memes: Helpful or Hokey is a blog post where Karen shares some parenting challenge memes that she created herself and that have gone crazy viral on Pinterest. Karen's blog post On a Mission or an Imposter gives ink to her concern of the church's urging of its members to proselytize. Her arguments are sound and interesting, check it out. And finally, An Unfortunate Necessary Evil is a post that came out of a question from a concerned parent wanting to give a quick-fix inoculation to her daughter to protect her from the predatory or attractive religious propaganda out there.
Karen is an atheist parenting blogger dedicated to providing new and hidden secular parents support and encouragement in this conservatively right country. 

I'm grateful to all of the blogging parents who 
have shared their blog posts
and their hearts with us in the Carnival of Atheist Parenting.
THANK YOU for visiting.

 The next carnival is due out: July 30th, 2014
Please send in your blog post submissions by April 13, 2014

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