CAP: Carnival of Atheist Parenting

CAP:  Carnival of Atheist Parenting

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Carnival of Atheist Parents, Twelfth Edition

Welcome to the 12th edition of the Carnival of Atheist Parenting.
I started this blog carnival so that parents looking for secular parenting tips could meet, form a community, or simply read ideas and issues from other parents in the same boat. Being a first generation atheist offers its own challenges, mainly in our own thinking framework.
It is my sincere hope that this carnival is useful and is of interest to you.

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  • Rachel from Resplendent Jane blog describes herself as a "crunchy", homeschooling, bird wrangling, cat herding, wannabe homesteader living in someone else's paradise. Her post called Thanksgiving Past and Present: How We Celebrate Now is a musing about Thanksgiving, what it was like growing up, how it has changed when she found she discovered her lack of faith, what she teaches her kids about the holiday, and how they celebrate it, or what they do instead of celebrating...

    Rachel also has a fun post on Halloween, make sure to look for it while you are there!  Thanks so much, Rachel, SO glad we met on social media!  ;)
  • Please welcome Stephanie from Life, Unexpected blog. Stephanie is a 30-year old mom of three, currently enjoying tons of family time during her maternity leave at home. She writes about her life as a happily-married professional mom making the split between her career and raising bi-lingual, bi-cultural children to be free-thinking, happy individuals while still trying to dole out some time for her hubby. And somehow she finds time to blog.  ;)

    With the recent death of Stephanie's grandfather the family faced the challenge of explaining death to their 6- and 4-year old daughters. She offers a post entitled Grieving with Children - As Atheists to this carnival.
    If you have some time, I recommend reading some of her Thankful posts, maybe even think about getting into the habit yourself.  ;)
  • Welcome to Anna from Epic Domestic blog. Anna goes by Mrs. Epic on her blog. She is a children's librarian, a nerd, a bookwork, a craft-a-holic, and a soon-to-be-atheist mom. Her blog centers around parenting and other "domestic" topics from a nerdy standpoint. She is looking for more atheist blogs because she feels the need to connect with other atheist parents and to read about their experiences. She hopes that her blog can help her to connect with other atheist parents. 

    Mrs. Epic offers this post entitled Parenting: On Being an Atheist Parent (To Be). Her blog is so totally new and she hopes to delve more into topics of parenting on her blog. Please check out her newbie atheist parent blog!
  • Sara, an ambitious writer, activist, artist, homeschooling mother, grad student, and freelance writer of Sara J. Schmidt blog muses about how, in some ways, her daughter is exactly like her and, in some ways, her exact opposite. Sara has to laugh and think about how much better she'll have it because of the ways her daughter is not like her! The blog post In Defense of Ron Weasley is adorable and something we can all relate too!

    Other blog posts on Sara's blog that might interest you include Things I love Thursday and A Year of Bravery.
    As it happens, Sara is also an In Real Life friend of mine that I met online first, then in real life!  <3
  • I'm delighted to welcome Lauren of Felix and Victor blog to the Carnival of Atheist Parents. Lauren is a new blogger, living in Australia, mother of two boys. Her blog focuses on parenting and Cystic Fibrosis (CF) as her youngest child has this disease. She is an atheist and her husband is non-religious. Lauren offers a post entitled Life, the Universe, and Everything, a post very important to her because it is a description of her beliefs and it addresses that atheism while existing in a community of parents with seriously ill children in which there is a very strong religious presence.

    I also enjoyed the post entitled My Favorite Holiday Memory on Lauren's blog because I got to live in Australia for a year and a half and I understand the cultural interest in holidays of other countries.  ;)
    Thanks so much, Lauren, for participating in the carnival this month!
  • Karen's blog My Own Mind is a blog for atheist homeschoolers and atheist parents in particular. I have been writing it for four years or so and have transitioned from a very homeschool-focused blog to a mostly atheist parenting blog. We recently attended a Catholic funeral. My son John has so many interesting observations from the mass that I asked him to write this piece for my blog. It is called I Took John to Church. No kidding, I love this post!  LOL

    With respect for Stephanie's recent loss, I offer my post called The Big Question: Death as another atheist parenting post that may interest you.

I hope your December is drama-free
and lovely!

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  1. Thank you so much for hosting this Carnival, Karen; having a platform for resources and quite simply a community of like-minded parents is very important!