CAP: Carnival of Atheist Parenting

CAP:  Carnival of Atheist Parenting

Friday, November 29, 2013

Blog Carnival for Atheist Parenting, Fourth Edition

This blog carnival is for all atheist/agnostic/humanist/secular parents who are THINKING and who are wanting to create a healthy, vibrant, and positive upbringing for their beloved children.  The carnival is also for parents and bloggers who want to share their ideas and encouragement for secular parents in this nonsecular world.
Whether you are a visitor or a contributor, I hope you enjoy this edition of the carnival.

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Stephanie from her wonderful blog called Life, Unexpected, offers this post entitled Ways to Mess with an Atheist.  Stephanie posts about a moment that most of us who have had children in school have faced in some way. Her daughter's kindergarten teacher seems to have a problem with Stephanie's family being atheist and has found a way that feel manipulative and that leaves Stephanie powerless to fight it. Sometimes it is extra tough being a parent in the pubic school mileau. Stephanie and her family live in Germany.  She and her husband are working diligently to raise skeptical, kind, loving, and compassionate children. She also offers, in her post Speechless and Sad a response to a book about how to raise up a child...  I can honestly say that that particular parenting school leaves me sickened.

Jennifer at Humanist Happiness blog offers this post entitled Self Reflection for Working Parents. This post is for that truly parental issue:  guilt. Who can't relate to that?  Jennifer is a writer and speaker who specializes in Humanistic Leadership and Parenting topics. I welcome Jennifer here to CAP and I thank her for participating in the carnival this week. You can read more at her website Transforming Lives through Humanism.

Cephus, blogger on a blog called Bitchspot, allows me to post her blog post entitled Secular Parenting Gone Wrong.  Cephus's blog isn't a parenting-focused blog, but as a parent she does post about her parenting role from time to time.  Cephus blogs about atheist parenting behemoth Dale McGowan and his variety of blogs and websites. Bitchspot blog post goes on to suggest that atheist parenting blogs are unnecessary.  At least they were unnecessary to Cephus and her family. While I am a fan of Dale McGowan, I appreciate critical thought and skepticism and alternative ways to think about things. Thank you so much, Cephus, for your blog post!

Tessa Tinny Lange at Raising a Skeptic blog's post for this carnival is entitled Everlasting Why? about raising her two year old son, Soren.  If you have ever had a two year old you completely understand the title of Tessa's post!  Those early days are so full of question and wonder!  Tessa's post is quite moving and makes me miss those early days...  Also please read An Atheist Mother's Promise:  A Letter to my Sons.  I feel so moved and happy knowing that other skeptical parents out there are really giving such thought to the raising of their children.  She has so many good postgs here, I'll just leave you to it.  Tessa, thank you so much for participating in this carnival!  I really love your blog!

Are you looking for a blog about adventures in skepticism, homeschooling, atheism, and the like, check out this blog entitled Quaap!  I don't know much about Quaap!'s author, but I have exchanged a few emails with Tom and he is SO sweet!  Also I have spent some time on the blog.  I like it!  The blog post We All Turned Out OK (Except for all Those Problems) really hit me.  Probably because most of us can relate to this exact conversation. Well, I can. I thank you very much, Quaap!, for participating in the blog this week.  Keep CAP in mind if you write any new posts that would fit the carnival!

I welcome Crispy,  an antitheist atheist humanist merrily exposing the ludicrous fallacies of faith, to this week's carnival!  This THINKING blogger at his blog entitled Too Many Questions offers an excellent post where he goes through the motions of thinking about raising skeptical children.  The post To Offer or Not Offer Belief is almost like being in his head...or our own! The post explores the dilemma of offering faith to child and posits that even presenting faith options can itself engender faith. No wonder we are all working so hard to clear the cobwebs out of our reasoning skills!  Crispy, welcome and thank you!
I hope to see you on the carnival again one day!

Mandy at Secular Mom blog submitted a post entitled Don't Eat ANYTHING from Anyone!   I can feel the terror of being a mother with kids who live in a dangerous area where drugs are prevalent.  Mandy is a busy mom of five kids living in the Bible Belt and doing her very best to raise freethinking, educated children.  She was was born and raised in a fundamentalist, 6-day Creationist home, and left religion around age 20.  She now believes that this life is all we have, and Mandy wants to enjoy every day of it! If you are a secular mom and want to connect with others, check out Mandy's Secular Mom Forum!  Just another service she offers and another effort to form community where none existed before!  Huzzah Mandy!

Caleb sent this blog post to me to include and I'm happy to do it!

My own blog post offering this week from my blog at Atheist Homeschool Momma is called My Atheist Parenting Blog.  When I decided to embark on this project of a blog carnival for atheist parenting, I got my share of negativity on the idea; it confused me.  This post is my response to my own processing of the whys of blogging in my life.



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