CAP: Carnival of Atheist Parenting

CAP:  Carnival of Atheist Parenting

Sunday, November 3, 2013

CAP: a blog Carnival of Atheist Parents, #2

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Welcome to this the second edition of the blog Carnival for Atheist Parents.  News has been spreading and interest is growing and it makes my heart happy.  I love the internet and how it gives everyone with access to it the ability to educate and inform themselves and the ability to find other, like-minded people with whom to share some time.  THANK YOU to all of the people who are contacting me with support, encouragement and the love!

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To all of the parents who have submitted posts to this carnival, I appreciate your participation in this new and worthy endeavor.  To all parents who are here to connect with others, WELCOME.  Sit back, grab your beverage of choice, and enjoy these thoughts of fellow parents who are out here in the foxholes, the burrows, the beaches, the meadows, the inner cities, the farmhouses, the internet cafes, the dark and quiet rooms hoping that the children stay asleep, and those who are living unique lifestyles with their families!

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  • Blogger Michelle writes about eclectic, hands-on, interest-led homeschooling her one "fish".  In her blog entitled School of one Fish she wrote a post called Second Time's a Charm where she and her family learned persistence and open-mindedness in their search for a good homeschool co-op in a religious world.  Michelle's blog is primarily a homeschool-focused blog, but reading of the adventures of her family makes me want to be secular AND IN EUROPE as well!
  • Sophelia, Australian ex-pat living in Japan with her gorgeous son.  In her blog entitled, cleverly enough, Sophelia's Adventures in Japan, Sophelia takes this parenting gig one step closer to honest with children when she, in this post entitled Tiger Has a Wiener, sees that honesty about anatomical words can have unintended results.  Sophelia's blog posts as she goes through the difficult and ultimately uber-rewarding experience of adopting a son from Japan are written SO warm and so honest...I feel as though I've known her for years!  I appreciate her submission for this blog and I hope to read more from her as she goes through those millions of parenting lessons ahead.

  • Andrew from the entertaining and informed blog called Laughing In Purgatory offers this post to this Carnival of Atheist Parenting.  Some people on Facebook or Pinterest might recognize some of Andrew's memes; I just saw one the other day that was colorful, won't post it here, but it made me laugh. Andrew submitted a post called Bullying in School - More Parenting in Purgatory.  I do hope that the bullying continues to be resolved for Will; one can only hope that the next kid has some protection as well.  In the spirit of this carnival, I would like to also recommend Andrew's excellent post called Yes, I'm Raising Atheists to all newbie atheist parents looking for more support!  I hope to see more blog posts by Andrew on this carnival!
  • Jennifer saw the blog Carnival of Atheist Parenting and rushed to participate and I am glad that she did.  Jennifer was born and raised in British Columbia Canada and moved to Arizona with her husband and three children in 2009. Alongside her husband Kevin she has started and run several businesses and continues to pursue her entrepreneurial goals.  Thank You, Jennifer!  Another homeschooling blog (to foil all of those who think that all homeschoolers are Evangelical Christians!), Modern Homeschooling blog has a wonderful post called The Glorification of Busy, a post that I feel I could have written myself!  I hope you bop over and check it out!  Thank you for your enthusiasm, Jennifer!

  • Carisa from A Cup of Curiosity blogs about various things including natural hair care, atheism, parenting, living in Oregon, interracial marriage, race, and culture.  Carisa offers us this post entitled Introducing the Subject of Religion to Kids.  In this post Carisa explores the experience of being a first-gen atheist and the awareness that her children will view church and religion in such a different way than she was brought up in her religious home.  She wants to be proactive, prepared for her children's eventual questions, even if some answers will be I don't know.  I also recommend a post on her blog entitled Letting Children go to Church with Strangers.  Carisa is also a freelance writer and I am pleased to welcome here to this carnival.  Carisa's blog was the first one that I added to the list of Parenting Blogs on the right side of this page!
  • Dale McGowan of Parenting Beyond Belief, a book for loving and thinking adults who want to raise their children without religion, The Meming of Life blog, author, lecturer, and a major voice for atheist parenting kindly offered a few blog posts for this carnival.  We begin with Coming (religiously) Unglued a post which discusses one of my favorite things:  the upsurge of secular parenting! Dale's post entitled Flow talks about that thing that most religions call spirituality, those moments that feel transcendent. How I wish that *I* would have written this post! Dale's post 6000 Days offers we atheist parents another insightful discussion of how we are doing our part to create thinking children. Next, in The Power of Two, we get a greater understanding of Dale as a parent, watching his amazing children grow into thinkers and thoughtful dissenters!  And with the post To Hell With This Goddamn Freethought Parenting, you will LOVE this one!  Thank you Dale for continuing to write what I want to read!
  • Kristin from Teaching Stars, mother of three beautiful daughters who love science, shares a  blog post about her homeschool journey through the heavily-Christian landscape of homeschool curriculum.  She wonders, Can a Secular Family Utilize Classical Conversations? I was surprised at her findings!  As a fellow homeschooler, I know the struggle of wading through the Christian materials and the dearth of secular stuff.  I also enjoyed her post entitled Waking up FOR Your Children Not With Them.  Kristin puts together a beautiful blog!  Thank you for participating in this carnival, Kristin!
  • My own submission to today's carnival from my blog Homeschool Atheist Momma is a post entitled Sex and God and Shame.  As a mother of one teen and one preteen, I can assure you that sex is an issue in the room every day.  I tend to be very open and honest in our house, perhaps especially about taboo or difficult or awkward issues such as sex.  It is me doing my part to raise children into adults who can bring healthy messages forward into their world and into their own children.  I want the SECOND generation atheist parents in this family to be far more capable!
  • Stephanie at Life, Unexpectedly blog was kind enough to allow inclusion of several posts for this carnival.   Stephanie is a 29-year old mom of two little girls. Their family is atheist and is a bi-national / bi-lingual family enjoying life in Germany.  In Talking Religion with our Kindergartener Stephanie talks about that event that nearly all of us experience, that moment when our children are exposed to the reigning mythology of the region.  And, just in case you didn't know, her post What it Means to be Atheist will make you grateful to have found her blog! 
  • Sarah, also known as DrSarah, at Good Enough Mum blog is a General Practitioner in England blogs about as many things as what grab her attention, from blogging to prostitution to natural parenting to astronomy.  She is frequently being put in her place by her children, and aren't we all!  Sarah submitted this post about talking with children about atheism.  I think you will agree that Katie is a force to be reckoned with!!!  Although Sarah doesn't get blogging much, I hope to read more about her adorable family!  Conversations such as these are really some of my favorite things about being a parent!  I love the Socratic Method, don't  you?

And that concludes the carnival for this week!

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  1. Thank you so, so much for creating this wonderful resource for atheist parents, Karen, and thank you for including me!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Hi, I follow you on Pinterest and was hoping you would like to join my board 'Discrimination Against Secular Families'. It's a board meant for people to find support and tips from other secular families, especially those experiencing any form of discrimination due to raising a secular family. We're a very small group as I am trying to keep the board focussed and free of language that is too rude or gruesome images so that people can share the board with their children. If you are interested, just press to follow the board and I will immediately invite you to post. Hope to hear your voice there as well as through your e-mails. All the very best! Eugenia Coy

    1. Eugenia, I am absolutely enjoying your small group on Pinterest. Thank you so very much to include me. When I looked at the followers, I saw that I am quite familiar with many of them!

      Thanks again and I do hope to see you again, Karen